There are many ways to leave a legacy.  One way is to leave behind a library of good books.  The only problem with this is that the library you leave behind with physical books will have a limited reach depending on the family members who end up with your books.  After a short amount of time, there won’t be enough of your books to be shared with the whole family.

But wouldn’t it be inspiring if you had access to the books that your ancestors read and found moving and life changing?  You may even have the books they read, but unless they wrote down their feelings and insights about what they read, you’re left to guess what they thought about it. is a free service that lets you identify books that you have read, give the books a rating, and write your own thoughts and reviews about the books.  You can share the book list you’ve created with your friends and family.

Additionally, you can easily export (copy from the website) your list of books and your reviews so you can store them with your family history information on your home computer.

I had fun just listing the books I’ve read in the past few years and remembering what my thoughts were when I read them.