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Free Genealogy Download Resources:

Free Family History Chart for Kids

Family Tree Printouts – Download the Free Family Pedigree Chart to print and share with your children. Place pictures of your family members on the chart (a great activity to do as a family). To see more information on the chart, click here.

Download the Free Genealogy Work Log

Genealogy Work Log – Keep track of the family names you’re focusing on by using the work log. The work log is an Excel Spreadsheet that you can use to enter individuals or families that you are researching. If you’re like me, it’s easy to forget where you left off once you’ve had a break for a week or two. Use the Work Log to help you keep track of where you left off. To see more information and download the chart, click here.

Family History Personal History Starter Kit

Personal History Template Documents – Get a jump start on your personal history by using our free personal history templates. Twenty simple templates will help you get started on your family history. The templates follow the format explained in our article How to Write Your Personal History. To download the templates, click here.

Family History Heirloom Tracker

Family Heirloom Tracker – You may have many heirlooms that are important to you that know one else knows about. Make sure your family knows what your precious possessions are, where they are located, and why they are important to you. The tracker can also be used on a larger scale to keep a record of the various family heirlooms held by family members. To download the free tracker, click here.
Family History Wish List Family Heirloom Wish List – Many families openly discuss who gets what when Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad, etc. pass away. Discussing such topics can sometimes get argumentative. Why not rank the top items and list them for each person to better facilitate a discussion about who wants what and what is fair? Use the Heirloom Wish List (best used under the permission of the heirloom holder) to understand the family items that are important to each family member and why the items are important. To download the Family Heirloom Wish List, click here.