Family History Books

There are so many good resources for family history out there on the Internet that sometimes we forget that there are some fantastic books that really dive deep into family history and genealogy research. The nice thing about books, is that they are portable, generally lighter than your computer, and they won’t short-out if they get wet (they just won’t look as good).

Genealogy and Family History Book Reviews

Below, we’ve listed a few of our favorites and helpful recourses. We’ve written up a short little description about each book to help you as you look for resources.

In Search Of Our Ancestors

A Fantastic book. There are plenty of family history books out there that will teach you how to research names or where to find resources. In Search of Our Ancestors tells the stories of people just like you and I who have searched and searched for records and have finally discovered what they were looking for, or sometimes, they weren’t quite “looking” but found records they needed.

The book is a very inspirational read and contains 101 stories from people from various different backgrounds and nations who have wonderful and sometimes incredible stories about finding the family history or genealogy records.

Definitely a must read especially if you’re in a slump and need inspiration to keep pressing forward in your research. The book has 265 pages of content.

Family Tree Guide to Finding Your Ellis Island Ancestors

A great resource for learning about how to search and obtain records from Ellis Island.  If you had ancestors that came to the United States, this is a great resource.  Learn about:

  • The extent of the records at Ellis Island
  • How to search the records
  • The process that immigrants went through when they came to the island
  • History of the island
  • Information on deportation
  • Lists of other resources to help you in your ancestry search
  • Information about the Wall of Honor

The book contains 152 pages of content and also has blank immigration forms from the various years that you can use to transcribe information you find.