Welcome to Course 1 in the Family History Quick Start Guide series!

This course assumes that you’re starting from square one, but even if you’ve done a lot of family history research, there are many little tips and tricks that will help you. Don’t forget, the better organized and documented your work is, the more your descendants who will pick up where you left off will thank you! This course will cover some of the basics of getting organized.

We’re going to cover the following in this course (click on the links to get started):

  1. Get Organized Before You Start – Learn how to organize your computer folders so you can be ready to save the information you collect.
  2. Get Digital – Get tips on turning paper records into digital records.
  3. Naming, Saving, and Backing-up Files – Understand file formats to use and how to name files for easier searching later on.
  4. Citing – This one is important; learn a few ways to cite information you collect.

Let’s get a move-on, time is tickin’! Click the link below to get started.