Nothing inspires us more than a good story, and if a good story inspires, then a collection of good stories should really inspire.

In Search Of Our Ancestors is a Fantastic book that contains inspirational stories of serendipity and providential guidance in the lives of individuals searching for their ancestors. In Search of Our Ancestors tells the stories of people just like you and I who have searched and searched for records and have finally discovered what they were looking for, or sometimes, they weren’t quite “looking” but found records they needed.

Many stories highlight the help of strangers in helping find records many who lived on the other side of the world but were willing to help out a fellow researcher find copies of records.

The book is a very inspirational read and contains 101 stories from people from various different backgrounds and nations who have wonderful and sometimes incredible stories about finding the family history or genealogy records.

Definitely a must read especially if you’re in a slump and need inspiration to keep pressing forward in your research.

The stories are very fun to read, and teach that if you just keep searching, you’ll make progress. Don’t give up.

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