So, you want to honor a family member or the memory of an ancestor. In the past, available options were to create a book about the individual, throw a party, or make a scrapbook.

Now, those things can all be done and preserved online. The benefit is that family members and friends all around the globe can contribute to your project to honor your friend or family member and they don’t have to buy an expensive plane ticket.

But how to create an online tribute? There are definitely many available options. Below are listed some popular and easy ways to create a tribute to celebrate and share a life.

  1. Use a “tribute” web service. Obviously, if you want to create a tribute online, you can use a web service geared towards making tributes. A great new resource to use is which lets you collaborate with family members and friends to upload pictures, video, and even record voice messages for your honoree. Tribbit is free (which is another reason why we like it compared to other options), and it’s easy to use. Below is a short demo video of the Tribbit service:

    Tribbit is fun and easy to use option for creating a tribute. – Create online celebrations of people, events, or things you love. Free!

  2. Create a life time line. Another great option is to create a time line of the life of the person you’re honoring through OurStory lets you create a visual time line with pictures and stories that visitors can “scroll” across to see different events in the life of the person you a celebrating. Below is a demo video of

    If you’re going to create a tribute highlighting the events in a person’s life, Ourstory is a great option, and it’s free.Capture, Share and Preserve Your Family’s Stories on

  3. Create a website or blog. You can create a website that displays pictures and video. If you feel you’re not “technical” enough to create your own website, don’t worry; there are many services out there that will do the hard work for you for free. All you do is add pictures and content. is a favorite that offers a lot of flexibility but also is very powerful. The advantage of creating your own website, is that you’ll have much more flexibility with what you want to create.
  4. Send one of those e-cards. Remember the days when it seemed like everyone sent ecards for birthdays and special occasions? Well, those ecards are still around and have improved quite a bit to include video and pictures that you provide. You can also use the greetings a stand alone webpages instead of just an email greeting card message. offers online scrapbooks, slide shows, ecards, photo books, and postcards. Add music and video to your tribute. Use the service for free. Choose from ready-made templates and layouts to create your presentation. Free slideshows on Smilebox include your photos and videos, plus your own music.

A lot of fun options are out there to create your online tribute. Try out some of the options above and have fun!