We’ve found a great little resource in staying connected as families. If you have family members that live far away, there’s nothing like seeing them in person. Well, now you can without the expensive plane ticket or long car ride. Best of all it’s free with just a few extra components.

The tools you will need are

  • Your computer
  • A web cam
  • An internet connection (preferably high speed).

The family member you wish to connect with should have all these things as well.

You can find some very good web cams on amazon.com.

Skype - call the world at rock bottom pricesOnce you have your web cam plugged in, download the free program called Skype. You can use this program to have video chats with your family members for free.

Make sure to turn on the video settings in Skype. Once those are turned on, you’ll be able to talk and see your friends and family across the country for free.

Other great ways to stay connected with family: Create a family website or blog to easily share and store pictures. We provide a description of some Free Family Website options and offer our favorite choices for the tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy.