Many people have been talking about DNA Genealogy or Genetic Genealogy, and it’s catching on quite fast, but what exactly is it? How can you use it?

A spot on CNN viewable here highlights a business that helps African Americans trace their ancestry roots through DNA genealogy testing.

So what does DNA testing have to do with genealogy? Let’s find out.

What is DNA?

First of all, DNA is genetic code inside our bodies. Our DNA helps determine what our features look like, hair color, eye color, and even tendency to develop certain medical conditions.

How can DNA be helpful in Family History research?

Your DNA is passed down from your parents, and they got their DNA from their parents and so on. Scientists today can trace commonalities in samples taken when they compare a sample you provide to samples provided all over the world. People that whose ancestry hails from Scotland will have different DNA traits than those that come from the Congo. Where this research really comes in handy is if you’re not sure where your ancestry comes from.

Who Performs DNA testing?

The Family Tree DNA project has one of the largest databases of DNA information. Their site is listed below. also has partnered with a company to provide DNA research information