Look-alikeEver have someone comment that a baby has the eyes of one of her parents (not literally we hope) or that she looks just like her grandma (when she was younger we hope). Ever wonder where the real resemblances are? Now you can know for sure.

Using the Look-alike-Meter from MyHeritage.com you can create a “meter” to determine if a baby looks more like Mom or Dad. The service is free, and it’s very cool. Simply upload pictures of Mom, Dad, and Baby and watch the service detect the faces in the picture. You’ll need to specify who’s who, and the software will analyze and see who the baby resembles most, Mom or Dad.

For some additional fun, you can also see what celebrities you look like. Yours truly tried the celebrity look-alike and found a close resemblance to Prince Harry of Wales and Hugh Grant, not too shabby (especially since we are of British descent). I uploaded a picture of the family, and it showed who each in the family looked like as well. As a family, we had a great time seeing who looked like which celebrity.

We spent way too much time playing with the website, but it was a lot of fun. When you’re finished creating your look-alike meeter or a collage of celebrities that look like you, you can then save the results into your own website.