Many free tools exist to help families organize and share pictures online. Some tools organize family pictures through a family tree, others provide a place to store and share pictures in folders, and some resources let you organize pictures by location.

Organize Histories and Pictures on a Time Line

One available option at lets you organize your photos in a unique way. You can organize your family photos on a time line and highlight stories from your life or your family’s over the years.

You can also use the service to help you or your family write personal histories through a series of “interview” type questions. With the service, you could create a “This is Your Life” storybook for a friend or relative.

Another neat feature is that you can embed (include) your time line in a website or blog that you’ve created.

Ideas for Using a Family Picture Time Line

Some fun uses for the tool include creating various time lines for different events:

  • Time line of pictures for your children as they grow up
  • Time line of an ancestor’s life
  • Time line with pictures from your whole family
  • Time line of a special vacation or vacations

You can use the service to collaborate with your family members to create time lines for your parents, grandparents, or any ancestor you choose.

Visit OurStory to create a free account and time line.