Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Family History

  1. Where do I start with my family history and genealogy?

    Start with yourself. Begin by keeping a journal or by writing your own history. For instructions on writing your own history, please refer to Writing Your Personal History which has some quick steps to not only starting, but finishing your personal history. After that, check out our courses to get started with your family history. Click here to get started.

  2. What’s the difference between “Family History” and Genealogy?

    Many of us use the terms interchangeably, but Genealogy refers more to the collection of names and dates. Family History refers the meaning behind the names, the stories, struggles, personal histories, and more.

  3. Where’s a good place to organize my family tree?

    Please refer to Free Family Tree Tool for a comparison of family tree options.

  4. What is a GEDCOM file?

    A GEDCOM file is a standard format used if you want to share your family history and genealogy information with others. Let’s say that you want your children to have a copy of the family tree you’ve created in your genealogy program. Most programs have an export option that will send all the information into one file. Your friends and family can then take that file, import into their genealogy program on computer and have the same information and pedigree chart etc. that you created.

  5. I have lots of genealogy records but not much family history information for distant ancestors. What can I do?

    Until recently, if all you had were names and dates for your distant ancestors, that’s about all you could find out about them if you don’t have personal histories or journals to go from. However, there is a resource to find out more about the times that your ancestors lived in and experienced. Please refer to an article we wrote entitled Creating Family History Stories from Only Places and Datesfor more information.


Frequently Asked Questions about

  1. Where did the idea come from for this site?

    In my searches for family history information, I found a lot of different sites with lots of different information, but I never found a site that helped to simply the genealogy process and break things down into manageable pieces. Let’s face it, as much as we’d like to devote a lot of time to family history work, we’re busy. This site is to help you and I take family history a little bit at a time completing little projects a long the way. I’ve found that if I break things up into bite-sized pieces, I accomplish more and more quickly.

  2. Who runs

    This site is pretty much a one-person-band with help from family members here and there. If you like what you see, please leave us a donation so we can keep delivering family history tutorials and resources. To view our donation page, click here. Thanks!

  3. How do you make money from an information website?

    How to make money or even earn a living from a website and especially a website dedicated to providing free information is a commonly asked question. Is it possible? Absolutely. Please refer to an article we wrote entitled: Make Money with my Website or Blog.

  4. Can I link to your website?

    Absolutely. Links and referrals are much appreciated. Link to individual articles or directly to our home page. The following is an example of code you can use to link to us: <a href=”” title=”A great place to start family history”>Family History Quick Start Guides</a>